Teeth Whitening

Bays Dental Clinic offer external whitening in the form of take-home bleaching kits for any of our patients concerned with the appearance of their teeth, though it’s best to consult your dentist first to ensure all of your cavities are filled and your gums are healthy candidates for whitening product use.



What to expect

Some people notice a 'bubbly' sensation on the surface of their teeth, or periods of sharp pain inside a tooth while the bleaching agent is in contact with their teeth. Others notice an achy feeling in their teeth for a few days following the treatment and temporarily heightened sensitivity when biting into certain foods and consuming cold beverages. You should report any painful sensations to your dentist.

Teeth whitening checklist

Before you consider a teeth whitening treatment, review this quick checklist or read our FAQs:

  • Have you tried other ways to whiten your teeth without a chemical treatment, like having a professional scale and clean by your dentist and maintaining good oral hygiene habits?
  • Have you consulted your dentist and had your teeth assessed for suitability?
  • Has your dentist, in their professional opinion, recommended the treatment?
  • Are you aware of the side effects associated with tooth whitening?

Our dentists have the knowledge and training to help you make the right decision when it comes to your teeth whitening options. Schedule an Appointment »