Root Canal Treatment

At Bays Dental Clinic we wholeheartedly believe that it is far better to save and treat a tooth where possible than to remove it. Thanks to root canal and endodontic treatments, extracting a tooth is no longer your only option in such cases.

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is the treatment of disease or infection found inside the tooth. It's used to save a tooth that has been damaged by decay, disease or injury, which would otherwise be extracted. It is the treatment of the canals of a tooth whereby inflamed or dead pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth enabling the tooth to be retained. The canals are cleaned, sterilised and shaped to a form that can be sealed. This treatment can take several appointments, depending on the condition of the tooth and if infection is present. A crown is then recommended; as a tooth undergoing this treatment may be more likely to fracture.

If you are suffering tooth ache and suspect decay, have lost a tooth or have pain or sensitivity when biting, we strongly recommend you contact our friendly team and arrange a consultation to discuss a solution. If you think your tooth does require an extraction, we may be able treat it using endodontics and save your valuable tooth! Schedule an Appointment »