Stop Antibiotic Overuse

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Antibiotic Awareness Week, November 16-22, 2015 "Handle With Care"

Antibiotic Awareness Week is endorsed by the World Health Organisation, acknowledging the global importance of this growing public health issue. This year all health services and hospitals are encouraged to take part to help raise awareness of the problem of antibiotic resistance and ways to address this issue.

Key messages this year:

  • Antibiotics are a precious resource that could be lost.
  • Antibiotic resistance is a world-wide problem affecting human and animal health.
  • Resistance occurs when bacteria stops an antibiotic from working effectively – making some infections impossible to treat.
  • Very few new antibiotics are being developed to solve this problem.

Patients can help by:

  • Not expecting antibiotics to be prescribed for cold and flu, as they have no affect on viruses.
  • Take antibiotics as directed if they have been prescribed.
  • Finish the whole course of antibiotics to prevent the bacteria building resistance to the antibiotics.
  • Practice good hygiene to prevent the spread of infection.

It's better to present to a dentist rather than a GP if you have any oral problems or emergencies, such as toothache, broken tooth, infections, etc. The correct treatment & referral pathways can then be followed and addressed, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.

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