Dental Health Week 2018

Posted by Info Bays Dental

Dental Health Week runs during the first full week of August and is the Australian Dental Association's major annual oral health promotion. It's from 6 to 12 August this year and is targeting WATCH YOUR MOUTH! to educate Australian's about the importance of maintaining good oral health in every aspect of their lives.

Things to consider:

  1. If you think brushing your teeth for 30 seconds will do the trick, think again!
  2. You are what you eat and drink, diet & nutrition impacts your dental health!
  3. Flossing is a key part of oral health, not an optional extra!

Dental Health Week campaigns in previous years:

  • 2017 - Women's Oral Health
  • 2016 - Healthy Teeth for Life
  • 2015 - Seven Sporting Sins
  • 2014 - The Sugar Bandit
  • 2013 - The Young Persons Oral Survival Guide
  • 2012 - Stop the Rot

To find out more, visit ADA Dental Health Week. If you have any questions or concerns about your own oral health, please contact us.