Losing teeth is not an inevitable consequence of aging. Older women have been identified by public health agencies as a group highly vulnerable to poor oral health, including dental decay, gum disease (periodontitis) and oral cancer. But it doesn't have to be this way, treatment now concentrates on prevention of dental disease. This means that you can keep your teeth for life, and they no longer need to have large unsightly fillings.

At Bays Dental Clinic, we aim to help our older patients maintain and improve their oral health and keep their teeth.

Over 50's can maintain good oral hygiene by:

  1. Visit your dentist at recommended intervals which suit your dental condition and age, to screen for dental disease and more serious diseases of the mouth. Tell your dentist about any general health problems and any medication you are taking as this may affect your dental health and treatment.
  2. To prevent decay of the necks of the teeth near your gums, pay strict attention to tooth brushing (at least twice a day, especially after meals) with a fluoride tooth paste and floss between the teeth to remove plaque. 
  3. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and avoid sweet food and drink between meals to prevent the need for dental fillings or tooth loss. 
  4. If you have full dentures, clean your mouth and dentures thoroughly each day and have both checked by your dentist every few years.
  5. If you're experiencing tooth ache, sensitive teeth or dry mouth, book an appointment to see your dentist, who will be able to recommend treatment. If in pain, see your dentist immediately.

Our friendly team can provide you with an individualised diagnosis and preventative treatment during a consultation, as well as providing many effective ways to repair and replace your teeth and restore your appearance. Book an appointment today.